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QF2000 Automatic Block Making Machine This machine has large capacity and benefit and it is suitable for the large and medium scale enterprises to have the fully-automatic production line to achieve the high degree of the automation and increase the capacity and benefit. Contact Us
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1) All this characteristics makes Qunfeng main frame stable performance: The main frame adopts strengthened square tube with four guiding pillar, its prolongedt guide sleeve ensures the orientation precision. The press head synchronous gear rack keeps the synchronism of press head. Also, the grip cylinder can make block forming more successful while the overstriking synchronous tumbler keep the synchronism of mould up and down 
2) The connect parts of mould frame and mould adopts imported gasbag clamping to make block production and the damping in most effective way. 
3、Practical pallet size and brick arrangement 
4) High capacity, great benebit, it is suitable for big/medium-sized enterprises to option the fully automatic production line to achieve a high automation and improve their benefit back. 
5) Vibration system can be optionally driven by hydraulic motor or SIEMENS servo motor
  • Vibration system
  • Airbag
  • Guiding system
  • Press head clamping system
Technical data(Swipe left to see more)
 Dimension  4970×3040×4755mm
 Rating pressure  21MPa
 Vibration  Table vibration
 Vibration frequency  2800 - 4500r/min
 Pallet size  1400×1300mm
 Cycle time  15-30sec.
 Power   111.2kW

Legend Product size (mm) Pcs./Pallt Pcs./Hour
  390*190*190 18


  390*140*190 24 4320
  200*100*60 60 8640
  225*112.5*60 50 7200
  Note: The moulding cycle time and the hourly capacity will be changed according to the proportion and the quality of the raw matirlal.
  • Fully Automatic Production Line for Permeable Paver
  • Fully Automatic Block Production Line
  • Simple automatic block production line
  • Fully-automatic Block Production Line with Curing Rack
Simple Block Making Production Line(Single line)

Simple Block Making Production Line(Double line)

Fully Automatic Block Making Production Line

Fully Automatic Block Production line with Curing Rack

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