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FHMD10.0A1 Composite Cuber The Composite Cuber is an integrated technical equipment for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical control, which is characterized by economical, compact structure, easy operation and easy maintenance. It adopts foreign advanced PLC intelligent control, equipped with storage touch screen and ideal flexible human-machine dialogue interface. The automatic control system contains advanced safety logic circuit to control the interlock of the action and the intelligent degree is high. Contact Us
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Main Machine Dimension 4860×2270×2886mm
Rating pressure 10MPa
Cubering cycle time 18-25sec.
Maximum clamping weight 500kg
Minimum clamping block height ≥60mm
Maximum clamping distance 1140×1000mm
Parameter of Cuber Height≤1000mm,Weight≤2000kg
Power of Cuber 15+0.75+1.5= 17.25kW
Chain-Type conveyor power 3×0.75=2.25kW
  Note: The moulding cycle time and the hourly capacity will be changed according to the proportion and the quality of the raw matirlal.
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