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Road Sweeper
Brief Introduction MQF120SDE electric sweeper is a battery powered sweeping machine researched and developed with the introduction of Italian technology, it is with featares advanced design, user frienly and low maintenance cost. The device is able to con...
Introduction MQF190SDE electric sweeper is our new battery-drive cleaning car with advantages of advanced design, flexible and convenient operation as well as low maintenance cost.It can continously work for 6~8 hours after charging. It can be used in par...
MQF190SDE1 Electric sweeper is a new type of battery-drive cleaning vehicle, which has been continuously improved on the basis of several generations of models. The appearance has also been re-designed, which is stylish, simple and elegant . MQF190SDE1 elec...
Description MQF5120TXSD5/ MQF5160TXSD5/ MQF5180TXSD5 Multifunctional Sweeping Truck with Wash Fuction sweeping truck is a multifunctional efficient sanitation truck with the multifunctions of sweeping and washing. It has functions of road surface cleaning, ...
This truck is a multifunctional efficient sanitation truck with functions of sweeping and washing. It has functions of road sweeping, washing, flushing, and water spraying, and it can also collect the rubbish and the sewage. The Multifunctional Sweeping and ...
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