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AAC Block Production Line
AAC Block Production Line
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AAC Block are made of flyash (limeslag or sand) as main raw material,cement and lime as cementing materials,and aluminum powder as foaming agent. The main forming procedures are Material crushing,measuring,mixing,pouring,curing,cutting and steaming. As a new wall body material with the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation,energy saving,waste recycling, environmental protection and convenience etc, AAC Light-weight block is now emphatically promoted by the world.
1.Overview of the AAC Blocks
The AAC Blocks are the new type building material with the features of light, heat retaining and insulated which use the Siliceous (like flyash) and Calcareous materials (like cement and lime) as the main raw material, formed after batching, pouring, cutting and steaming. This block has the history of producing and application over 60 years; it is one of the sophisticated and new-type building materials both in the producing technology and the application, because of the good performance of light, heat retaining, and it is complementary to the common concrete blocks, so it has been widely used in the non-bearing wall in industrial construction and the civil building.
The AAC Blocks are made of flyash and some limeslag as main raw materials, this will has the positive significance in protect the environment and saving land recourse. And the coefficient of heat conductivity of the AAC Blocks is just about 1/4~1/5 of the clays bricks’, and it has the good performance of heat retaining and insulated and it is the building materials for Green energy-saving and it is also in conformation with China’s strategy of sustainable development.
2.Main features of the AAC Blocks
Light Weight: the dry density is about 1/3 of the Clay brick’s, and 1/4 of the concrete block’s, can effectively reduce the weight and lower the difficulty of construction of the soft foundation, reduce the investment of the foundation and the construction about 27%, and save 5% of the comprehensive cost.
Heat Preservation: The performance of the thickness of 40mm can be equal to the clay bricks with the thickness of 240mm, and the coefficient of heat conductivity can be 0.1w/m.k, and it is a kind of good materials for wall with the feature of self heat-insulation
Soundproof: There are many tiny air holes inside, so it has the double performance of soundproof and acoustic absorption, the weight-counted sound insulation quantity can be 40-50dB for different products, thickness and overcoating.
Fireproof: The AAC blocks and the raw material are all inorganic matter, so they will never burn and will not produce the poisonous gas at high temperature. The duration of fire resistance of 100mm thickness of the wall can be 4 hours so that to meet the requirement for the firewall of the building fire protection.
Anti-permeability: there are many independent closed air holes inside with the diameter 1-2 mm, can effectively prevent the diffusion of the water. The anti-permeability will be 85% higher than the clay brick wall when using the ordinary painting for the wall.
Strong Rigidity: The precise dimension, the implement of six surface cutting and the using of thin layer of the mortar will increase the strength utilization coefficient. The building body strength can be 80% of the strength of the block itself, while the clay brick can be only 30%.
Economy: The lower light will reduce the investment of the foundation and the construction. Can do the plaster on the surface directly thus to save the cost on the materials and the labor. And the small thickness will increase the building utilization coefficient and raise the usable area. The good performance of the heat retaining will considerably lower the cost.
Precise Dimension: Our advanced manufacturing technique and the equipments make sure the precision of the dimension with the error ±1.5mm in length, width and height. It is far above the requirements of the superior products in the national standard.
Easy construction: One AAC finished block can be equal to many clay bricks, and it can be continuous masonry without the limitation of 1m of the height at one time so that to increase the speed of masonry and save the cost in labor. The blocks are easy to be processed, and is able to saw, drill, nail, hang and hollow out, convenient for hiding pipes and wires and secondary decoration.
Large void and high water absorption rate: it is not allowed to masonry under the standard height of the building with the error ±0.00 or being soaked by long term or at the alternate site of dry and wet. Need to use the common blocks to masonry the basic part and the height should not be less than 200mm. There should be three layers of the waterproof mortar in the normal brickwork, and there should have the waterproof mortar between the brickwork and the AAC blocks.
Low intensity: Normally, it is used in the non-bearing wall, the blocks will have the situation of broken corner or breakdown when transferring thus will increase and waste the investment of the materials.
The surface is easy to lather. It is not easy to bond with the mortar. Need to do the sgraffito treatment and add the dula fiber into the mortar brfore plastering the inner brickwall and priming the outside brickwall.
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