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"Supersonic"series intelligent block machine This machine uses Electro-hydraulic integration technology which is more productive and more profitable than other ordinary block machine; The special vibration and feeding system of this machine can meet the needs of different blocks production for customers., block, grass-planting paver, curb stones, slope-protect bricks, inter-lock blocks and so on. Contact Us
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"Supersonic" series intelligent block machine is a high-efficiency model that is jointly developed by Qunfeng and German engineers. It is designed to match the various customer requirements, such as special-shape cement products, hollow bricks, paving bricks, curb stones and solid bricks, etc... and with features of easy operation, big capacity, high quality, high stability, low running costs and so on.
8 ADVANTAGES Expert in concrete block making machine industry
Intellectualized control, 15% saving in labor cost .
Electro-Hydraulic integrated technology , 20% raising in output;
Suspension Type Vibration, 10% reduce in noise pollution;
Fault Alarm System, 30% time saving in troubleshooting;
Intellectualized Starting,20% improvement in working efficiency
Material-Ratio program saved in PLC controller, no human disturbance.
Intelligent remote control ,quickly solve the problem in all the places at any time.
Customized design, efficient production that reduces costs.
  • Efficient Servo System
  • Stabile Hydraulic System
  • Dumping Airbag
  • The design for the press head with two oil cylinders
  • Air-operated Clean Device
  • Ping-pong type for feeding material
  • Arc-shape Feeding Arm
  • Modularize Eccentric Vibration
  • Automatic Control System
Technical data(Swipe left to see more)
Technical data QFT18-20(300)G QFT15-20G QFT10-15G QFT8-15G
Dimension(Main Machine) (mm) 4950X2900X4800 4000X3000X3600 3570X2370X3030 3200X2350X2950
Rating pressure 21MPa 21MPa 21MPa 21MPa
Vibration Table vibration Table vibration Table vibration Table vibration
suitable height for block 50~300mm 50~200mm 50~200mm 50~200mm
Cycle time 15~30 sec. 15~28 sec. 12~25 sec. 12~25 sec.
Power 95.8 kW 92.3 kW 51.5 kW 50 kW
Hourly Output   173㎡ 156㎡ 130㎡ 97㎡
  182㎡ 146㎡ 128㎡ 91㎡
  33m³ 28 m³ 23 m³ 18 m³
  46 m³ 38 m³ 28m³ 23m³
  25 m³ 20 m³ 17 m³ 12m³
 Note: The cycle time and the hourly capacity will change according to the proportion and the qualityof the raw matirlal.
  • SUPERSONIC Series of intelligent block making machines
  • Automatic Prodcution Line for Permeable Paver Making (Tunnel Chamber)
Simple Block Making Production Line(Single line)

Simple Block Making Production Line(Double line)

Fully Automatic Block Making Production Line

Fully Automatic Block Production line with Curing Rack

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