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Cleaning Truck
MQF5160GQXD5/ MQF5180GQXD5/ MQF5250GQXJ5 Cleaning Truck
Tech Spec

MQF5160GQXD5/ MQF5180GQXD5/ MQF5250GQXJ5 MQF5160GQXD5 type high pressure cleaning vehicle is a multifunctional cleaning vehicle, with road watering, city garden irrigation, spraying, cooling, dedusting and other functions. Applicable to places including highways, urban roads, road to the urban landscape and ancillary facilities (such as guardrail, traffic signs, traffic lights and street curb), it can thoroughly remove the dirt in the small potholes; the car is also equipped with a hand-held high-pressure spray gun to easily clear road stubborn stains, such as small advertising label, traces of concrete after construction and so on.
Main Feature:
1.Electricity and gas centralized control, can complete various actions in the driver's cab except for operating spray gun, has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, comfort, simple operation etc..
2.Key components of electrical, water, gas system adopt the world famous brand, improve the reliability of the vehicle.
3.Independent high and low pressure water system: high-pressure water pump is driven by the engine, low pressure water pump driven by the engine and chassis, traveling speed and high pressure water pump will not affect each other, high pressure cleaning speed can be freely controlled.
4.The tail is equipped with water cannons, and it’s adjustable into columnar or mist, with auxiliary fire control function. A high pressure cleaning pistol can be used for cleaning the road signs, billboards, self-cleaning etc...
5.Cleaning work basically uses high pressure and low flow rate, with high efficiency and water saving; and the water tank is provided with low water level sensing alarm system, can automatically alarm and promptly cut off high pressure pump and prevent damage to the high-pressure water pump when the water level is low.
6.A high pressure water jetting device locates in the central part of the body, and is provided with a guide wheel and obstacle avoidance system, reducing the ground clearance of pressure nozzle, effectively improve the cleaning efficiency and safety as well.
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